Clear Separation in Congressman Heck’s Race for Lt. Governor


Tuesday, June 2 2020

OLYMPIA, WA- The Heck campaign is once again reporting strong fundraising numbers of $543,156, according to the Public Disclosure Commision. These are the highest numbers of any candidate reporting in the race. The numbers continue to include zero dollars from the corporate political action committees, unlike other candidates vying for the position.

Meanwhile, as the race continues to take shape, the Democrats and people of Washington state are making clear their preferred choice for Lt. Governor. Congressman Heck continues to earn a majority of competitive endorsements in the race, adding the following organizations since last week:

  • King County Democrats (sole endorsement)
  • LiUna/Laborers 252 (sole endorsement)
  • 10th Legislative District Democrats 

“Amidst this crisis, it’s been an honor to work on behalf of Washington State, and get to know residents from across the state as I hear how I can best serve them should I earn their vote for Lieutenant Governor”” says Congressman Heck.

It is worth noting that between the sole endorsements with the King County Democrats, the 1st, 11th, 37th, 41st, and 48th, Denny has unparalleled support from LD Dems across a majority of Seattle, North, South and East King County, which is a significant voting block in statewide elections. Denny has also earned the support of a majority of Legislative District Democrats in King County who have endorsed at this point because they believe he is the most progressive and experienced candidate for Lieutenant Governor. 

These endorsements and fundraising numbers accompany several additions to the list of endorsements from over 250 former and current elected officials from all around the State of Washington.  These feature the prominent endorsements of former Governors Cristine Gregoire, Gary Locke and former Lt. Governor Brad Owen. 

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